A 14 Step Process to Becoming a Success-Aholic

By Peter Remington

Be-Aholic A 14 Step Process to Becoming a Success-Aholic

I wrote this book for you and me.

I wrote it for the “if Only” crowd
The “if only I had more time and more money” crowd
“I need a new computer, or file-away things first” crowd
“I wrote it for the “as soon as I get this done” crowd
“I will start next Monday” crowd.

I wrote it so you can become part of the “I can” crowd
“I am willing to do what it takes” crowd and ultimately, the
“I have a healthy obsession with my success” crowd.

The only thing stopping you from your greatness is you.
Your success lives within you and you are the key to the manifestation of the greatest life on Earth….YOURS!

in the process of being manifested

Purposeful Purpose and How to be a SWINGER

Customer reviews

Be-Aholic: A 14-Step Process to Becoming a Success-Aholic

Thrilled for the chance to “go public” on the brilliance of Peter Remington and this book

This is the first time I’ve been able to move myself from “I can’t do this”… to ” no,I don’t think I can to …”well maybe I can ” to …”I can and I shall and I’m starting now ” !
How Peter Remington has packed the power ,the wisdom ,and the simple steps ,one by one to move us from nonbelievers to believers is incredible… With the gift of belief in one’s self everything is possible and Peter moves us to the possible… Just as he did for himself
He is masterful in his congruency… He speaks with Deep and abiding wisdom and with great clarity…
I have bought several copies of this book before for dear friends and today I’m buying more for those who would want and need it as much as I do
Give yourself and others the gift of Be -Aholic by Peter Remington : Likely you’ll never again have the chance to give so much for so little…
Thank you Peter Remington… Blessings

Edna R.

Vision, Purpose, Success its all here!

I love this book. I’ve read it twice and given it as a gift. This book has truly helped me regain my focus and establish a clear path to my destiny. It’s a fun and easy read. At this point I am going to slow down and read one step at a time, take notes and focus on implementing each step to perfection. I can’t even imagine the results I’ll get after my next approach. After my first read my vision came to me and the universe provided as I began to believe it I began to see it. After my second read, I have doubled my sales and know when I really slow down and apply myself to these steps I know I will be further in my steps. Thank you for your inspiration Mr. Remington I know you will help millions of people worldwide. Longevity Creations LLC.

Shane D.

This book will impact you each time you read it

This is a short but power-packed book that helps reveal layers of your thoughts and feelings and actions to yourself. The re-read is as powerful as the first time because you face a different self with each. I love that the point is made quickly and clearly but my favorite part are the poems that coincide with each chapter of your growth.

Karen d.

Excellence is an obsession!

Peter Remington tackles a well worn subject but with a new energy and style that makes this an excellent read. Peter helps you take those extra steps to reach your goal – that of a successful success-aholic!

J P Spiers

Five Stars

bought as a fluke but truly impacted my life. Have given several times as a gift.

Pam E.