Purposeful Insights

Introducing Purposeful Insights by Peter Remington, a Daily Dose of Purposeful Insights to start your day.  Unlock the power of self-discovery and personal growth by receiving thought-provoking insights straight to your inbox every morning. Our carefully curated Purposeful Insight will help you kickstart your day with a renewed sense of purpose and appreciation for your unique journey. 

Imagine starting each day with a fresh, never-before-seen Purposeful Insight, tailored to guide you towards living a life of intention, gratitude, personal fulfillment, and creation. Our insights serve as seeds for growth, nurturing your dreams and aspirations, and illuminating the path towards your goals. Regardless of where you are in your life’s journey, our daily Purposeful Insights are here to support and inspire you. 

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Insights Standard Plan

These insights are designed to make you think of yourself and of your day. They are designed to have you start your day with Purposeful Purpose and to relish in your accomplishments. Today is your brand new never before used, seen or experienced day. It is yours to design, so design it with care. Give it INTENTION, give it GRADITUDE, give it THE BEST OF YOU, give it CREATION. Because this day will not be back tomorrow. The insights will either be a seed for you to plan; water to a seed you have already planted; the sun to make your seed grow or the reason to bring your seed to manifestation. No matter where you are in life, these daily insights are for you from me.

How to Use Purposeful Insights

You will notice that this is not a calendar. You can start at any time of the year on Day 1. I believe that a persons’ life is not based on a calendar year but instead, a persons’ life is based on an intuition year, a dream year, an idea year or, on a for any reason year.  If you get an idea in January you don’t say, I will start after the first of the New Year. No, you start it right away. If you want to lose weight you don’t wait for the New Year. No, you start right away. Your year begins the day you want it to.  Which is why Purposeful Insights starts on your Day 1.   

After you read the insight for the day, you will then write down 4 agreements with yourself for the day.  It is important that you write them down so you can review them and not forget them.

What are your Intentions?
What do you plan to do with this day or bring forth to the day? For example: Today I intend to overcome my fears, or Today I intend to be the light in people’s life.  

What are you Grateful for?
What persons, things, accomplishments do you need to acknowledge?  

Your great “I AM’s”
These are Images About Me. How do you want people to see you? Strong, loving, forgiving and so on. 

What are you going to Create today?
A new friend, customer, resume, image, money and so on. However, you should limit to just one thing. 



Finally, at the end of the day you will write… 

What did I do today?
What did you accomplish? It’s like a score card for the day or a journal. It may not match up to what you set out to do, however, you can still record in your journal. 


Before I write each agreement, I say out loud… 

As a child of the Most High my intentions are… 

As a child of the Most High, I am grateful for… 

As a child of the Most High my great I AMs are… 

As a child of the Most High, I will create today… 

As a child of the Most High, today I did…. 

Finally, you do not need to come-up with new intentions every day. Your intention could be the same for a week. The things you are grateful for today you may be grateful for tomorrow and what you want to create may not change either. So, it’s OK to repeat your days.  

It’s not OK to not have a plan. 

Peace, Light, Love