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Looking to add some pop to your corporate luncheon, corporate retreat, planning meeting, or any other event that is designed to motivate and set the tone for the upcoming months. Peter Remington Speaking is able to deliver an insightful, motivational, thought-provoking speech ranging from twenty-two minutes to an hour or more if requested. Speeches on purpose, growth, personal development or create a personalized speech on a topic of your choice.


Remington Speaking provides you with 22 minutes to an hour long business oriented, motivational oriented, or circumstantial oriented speeches. Speeches can be designed for any specific need that you may have or message that you want to convey to your audience. 

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Discovering your PURPOSE

The Power of STOP

How to become a SWINGER

Discovering your PURPOSE

The Constitution of the United States is a
Purpose Statement that men and women
are willing to put their lives on the line for.
Your purpose statement is your constitution…
What are you willing to do?

Having a purpose will make most, if not all, of your life decisions easier to carry out. Purpose creates the “YES!” in your life that allows you to say, “NO!” in a strong loud voice, to those distractions that come at you daily. Young men and women go off to war, some never return, to defend the Constitution of the United States. Wouldn’t you do the same to defend your constitution, your purpose in life? Do you know the purpose of your life? Do you have a purpose to your life? Or, do you allow others to direct you? Do you follow them to be part of the crowd or to be a pleaser? With the absence of purpose you will be destined to live a life given to you by others.

Are you sure your purpose is actually your PURPOSE?

This is not what God, (or your Higher Power) planned for you. He did not want you to be a follower or a person who exists day to day. He made you in His image to be like Him, not for you to be like others.

I started this process in the fall of 1988. Prepare 4 More is about 32 plus years of working and learning and revising the process. Come discover the Process with me. Peter Remington.

Early in my career when I would come upon a difficult task I would find myself pacing in my office with my hands in my pockets and looking down at the floor searching for the solution to my problem. At times I would stare out my window at the office building across the street see another business person doing the exact same thing. One day I looked up from my window and saw a plane overhead, “that’s where I need to be!” I need to be searching for my answers in the sky…but that wasn’t high enough and the moon was already accomplished so I then looked at the stars!

Leadership is a series of interruptions, interrupted by, more interruptions. No wonder why there is burn out, fatigue, anxiety, poor decision making, anger and long hours in a leaders/manager/entrepreneur/persons life. There isn’t enough time to stop and see through all the noise. Gandhi once said, I am so busy today that I will have to meditate twice as long. Give me 22 minutes of your time and let’s discover together a treasure map for your business or life that will take you from possibility to profitability.



The Power of STOP

The saying goes…
“When the going gets tough,
the tough get going.”
I say…
When the going gets tough,
the smart STOP.

When you find yourself in difficult times, the first thing you should do is STOP.
Most people will react to a situation by jumping into action…”the tough get going.”
The reason they’re called “tough” is because they are going to take a beating.

Reacting to a situation is an EGO based response.
And an EGO based response will only make you feel good for the moment… but it will leave you with long term turmoil.

When we respond to a circumstance or a consequence we lose
our ability to connect with the solution or resource that has the ability to get us out of the circumstance. We are blinded by EGO…

Don’t be blinded by EGO…
Don’t take a beating…STOP!
I would say, “STOP!”

How to become a SWINGER

Many college graduates are eager to find work — any work. But that first job, however arbitrary, can impact the rest of their career. 27% of college grads get a job that is associated with their major.
Over 50% of college grads get a job that doesn’t require a college degree.

Recent grads who end up in jobs that didn’t require a college degree are five times as likely to still be in such a position five years later, compared with those who put their diploma to use right away. It can be hard to break out of that path, since employers may typecast applicants by their most recent experience.
Ten years later, three-quarters of graduates who took jobs early on that didn’t demand a degree will be in the same spot. And these graduates earn around $10,000 a year less than their counterparts who started early in jobs that required a college degree.

If all resumes are reading the same, then there is only one way to stand out…Become a SWINGER

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